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E-foil Cornwall is the first and only centre in Cornwall for Electric Hydro-foiling. Based in the tranquil waters of Looe Bay, we offer a perfect location to learn how to e-foil and a different way to explore the iconic Cornish Coastline.

Get set up in the blink of an eye. Instead of messing around with bolts, gel application, cables, or electrical contacts, the Flyer ONE has been completely redesigned to keep the fuss to a bare minimum. Simply roll up on your nearest beach, remove your PowerFlight Cell battery from the compact carry case, snap it in, and you’re ready to go become one with the water.

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Waydoo Flayer One


Who said electricity and water don't mix...

First and foremost, we've combined our love for jumping around in the Cornish seas in as many different ways as possible, with amazing new battery technology. We offer e-foiling lessons and experiences around the Cornish coast to all abilities. Not sure what e-foiling is? Check out our videos above - think Back To The Future hoverboard, but on water!

Not only are we Cornwall's first centre for learning how to e-foil, we are also the county's sole retailers of the Waydoo Flyer-One.  Check out our shop page for more info.

We also offer group paddleboard lessons and experiences in Looe Bay and Looe River, with spectacular scenery and experienced instructors.

Up for a ride? We also have e-mountain bikes and Dutch-style step through electric Bikes, available to rent for single day trips or multiple day adventures. Have a look at our e-bike range and prices here.

E-Foiling around Looe

Do you need somewhere to stay?

Follow our link below to Summercourt Cottages – our sister company. There are six beautiful 17th Century Cottages available to rent, along with a main house for larger groups, only 10minutes away from E-FOIL CORNWALL located right on the coast path above Looe Bay.


Granary Cottage

10% OFF lessons if you're staying at Summercourt Cottages

We offer reduced prices on all lessons, experiences and hires if you are a guest at Summercourt Cottages.

Ready to take the plunge?

If you’re looking at investing in an e-foil, we are the exclusive retailers for the Waydoo Flyer One in Cornwall.

Book a test flight

Need a bit of help making your mind up?

Come and have a session with us and fly before you buy!

E-Foil Clothing & Accessories

E-foil Cornwall extras to keep you warm by the sea. Our hoodies, tshirts and vests are 100% cotton and look as good as they feel. We also have E-Foil Cornwall rash-vests and hats.